Argyle Legends vs Ordulph Arms 2010

A Game of two Centuries.

Argyle Legends donned Edwardian style shirts and goalkeeper Pete Foxwell a flat cap when they travelled to Whitchurch Common to play Ordulph Arms on Sunday 28th March.  The first half was played using an old leather laced ball which became increasingly heavier as the rain persisted as Martin Barlow and Ryan Cross will testify after heading it.  A BBC 2 film crew and Director were present to recreate the Edwardian theme for a programme to be shown in early 2011.

As for the game itself the Legends struggled to cope with the leather ball and the unkept field and lost the 20th century first half by 6 goals to 2 with Marcus Crocker and Martin Barlow on the scoresheet.

The second half, or to be precise, 30 minutes, was played to 21st century rules with a modern ball and resulted in an entertaining 0 - 0 draw.  The undoubted highlight of this half was Martin Barlow attempting an outrageous scissors kick.  Martin got 10 out of 10 for artistic impression and style.  If only he had connected with the ball.

Legends Line Up for both Halves.

Pete Foxwell,
Ryan Cross,
Leigh Cooper,
Kevin Hodges,
Martin Barlow,
Marcus Crocker,
Chris Harrison
and guest players
Joe Davey,
Mark Rivers,
Ian Symons
and George Scott.