Player Of The Month March 2018





What was your most memorable match whilst at Plymouth Argyle?

1st goal against Notts County, not for me scoring but it was the first time i played in a game when a goal keeper dribbled the ball into the opposing half. Bruce was a character.


Who was the best Argyle player you played with and why?

We had a few guys for different reasons, Mick Heathcote was the ultimate professional Martin Barlow was ever present, I wouldn't say we had stars just professionals working in difficult circumstances.


Who was your toughest opponent and why?

Fulham at the time spent big money, Barry hayles and Paul Peschisolido Karen Brady's husband where difficult. I always struggled to get away from Norman Medhirst  (PAFC physio) great bloke.


You must have an amusing story you could share with us about your time at Argyle?

We played at home, forget who it was against. Mick Heathcote and myself were playing centre back, the manager Mick Jones was giving us both a hard time, tell us we were soft and could not head the ball. So to prove how tough we needed to be Mick Jones, picked up the kettle and head butted it, the problem was, a second later blood started running down his forehead. I had to stare at the floor I was laughing so much.


Now you are no longer playing football how do you occupy yourself?

I have a sports management company in the USA, we work on events like Pro-Bowl, Wrestlemainia, Copa- America. I'm also the technical Director for one of the largest provides of youth soccer events in the states, EDP provides leagues and pathways for all abilities.


Can you recall your most embarrassing moment?

I scored an own goal against Jon Sheffield, to be fair Jon had no chance. I put it right in the bottom corner from about 3 yards. I did try to make Jon feel better by saying "you don't stop them lad"


How has football changed over the years?

Football is far more professional,  the players take better care of themselves and the club facilities have improved. It's a page business now, of you get it right the money flows in, but if you miss manage the club the consequences are catastrophic. An old team of mine is riding the wave now Huddersfield Town, also Argyle had there time in the championship. But it's difficult to sustain. If the clubs have level headed patient management they have a chance. Football is boom or burst.


Who was the best manager you ever played under and why?

Brian Horton, very knowledgeable and well respected, he showed great faith in me. Neil Warnock would be near the top of most player list. Neil was great when you were in his plans, not so when he changed his mind, but he was great in the dressing room and very passionate. I had good and bad times with both.


What was your pre-match routine?  E.g. lucky item, superstitions?

I didn't really have any, just wanted to get out on the field and play.


If you could change or amend one law of the game or introduce a new one to benefit modern-day football, what would it be?

I don't like to see the player flopping or diving. Watching at times can be embarrassing,  I played the game with some very hard men, I would have loved to see the activity in the tunnel after the game. The FA have to be stronger, allow tackles to be made, the players now are scared to touch each other, the byproduct is players diving. Increase the ban for offenders.


How do you think Argyle will do this season.?

This season has been a challenge, I think the best we can hope for is stability, regain a level of performance that got us promoted. Hopefully the guys can turn things around over Christmas and into the new year.


If you could choose any player in the world you would have liked to have played with, who would it have been?

Ronaldo, the guy is immense,  on and off the field. Also if I'm playing alongside him I would have been at either Man Utd or Real Madrid. Lol


Do you follow Argyle’s progress or attend any of their matches?

Living in the states I have to follow them online, I still have lots of friends from my time with PAFC. It would be great the next time I'm in the UK to attend a game.


Who was the worst dressed player during your time at the club?

Paul Gibbs, he's going to flip. Think his missus bought his clothes.


What would be the highlight of your time at Argyle?

Winning the supporter player of the year, it came in my last season, looking back I should have stayed but the club was in between owners, the off field stuff just made it uneasy. Glad the guys figured it out and had success for a while.


Who was your favourite player while growing up?

Brian Robson, box to box, tough scored goal, legend.


What was your favourite ground?

The ground are forever changing, the riverside was good, Highbury had the intimacy. Winning promotion with Huddersfield at the old Wembley was special. By I always enjoyed playing at the Hawthorns WBA it had great atmosphere.


If you could go back and do one thing differently, what would it be?

Not play against Donacster Rovers in the youth team at Huddersfield Town. I damaged my knee so bad I had to constantly have it cleaned out, I would have been able to play a bit long if it was not for the 10 plus ops I had.


What advice would you give to any young player coming into the game?

Have FUN! The players nowadays are guarded, they are scared to talk with people outside the game for fear they will be exploited. It's a shame we have no real characters in the game, the majority are robotic, trained to fit in to the program.


And finally. What are your views on agents in the modern game?

I wish I was one, they are making all the money! Agents are cleaner than in the 90's. The game does need them but they need to be regulated. Good job if you can get it though!