Player Of The Month April 2010

April's interview is with that blonde bombshell of a full back, Paul Gibbs.
We asked Paul 15 questions. Below are his answers.
Q:  What was your most memorable match?
A:  My most memorable match for Argyle were the games against Torquay.  One at Plainmoor in particular was a great game as it was my first game back after leaving with Kevin Hodges and Steve McCall.  The build up to the game was huge with me still with Helen Chamberlain.  With Torquay's Scott Partridge still living with me it was always going to be a tough game.  As expected I got abused by the Torquay faithful but I did win them over by the second half.  They were singing rude songs about my missus at the time and I did play along with them and they did enjoy it.  Scott Partridge scored for Torquay in the second half and we were under the cosh a bit, but we won a penalty in the last 10 mins of the game and I stepped up against Greggy (who I had been practising against the season before) and smashed it in the corner for the draw!!  I then had to answer to Miss Chamberlain who didn't speak to me for at least 3 days!!  Scotty Partridge was also unhappy with me for stealing his headlines!!
Q:  Who was the best Argyle player you played with?
A:  Martin Barlow, a great player with all round skills and great attitude.  He loved the club as well and that showed every time he pulled on the shirt.  I was injured with Martin for a long time and we trained very hard together.  Chopsy was a real top lad and a great player and motivator.
Q:  Who was your toughest opponent?
A:  There were a few players that were tough but none really stand out.  I was very confident that I could hold my own and the team around me helped a lot so if I did have a tricky winger I would always make sure the guys were helping out!!
Q:  You must have an amusing story you could share with us about your time at Argyle?
A:  I have a few but I can't mention most of them in this interview.  I was always the changing room fool and I did like to play a few jokes on the lads, some of them liked it some of them hated it but it was just to keep the lads on their toes.  They did pay me back as well.  Chopsy was the main culprit!  I have to mention Paul Maxwell as he took me through rehab for 8 months when I broke my leg.  He was fantastic for me and a real great guy but as we were working so closely for such a long time sometimes you get too close and start to argue a bit.  We did have a big falling out over training but I want to say without him I would not have been able to progress with my career so I do owe him a lot and I have never really had the chance to say thankyou!!
Q:  Now you are no longer playing football how do you occupy yourself?
A:  I now run a recruitment agency called P&S Personnel Services Ltd.  I run it with my sister Sharon and we have been in business now for 4 years.  We are specialist suppliers in Construction, I.T, Oil & Gas, Accounts, Industrial and Commercial. We have 2 locations in East Anglia employing 9 staff and are looking to open in London by the end of this year.  I still train with my local club just for fun!!
Q:  Can you recall your most embarrassing moment?
A:  Playing for Torquay against Port Vale on a cold December night and I was not feeling too well.  I managed to get through the first 30 minutes of the game, but it was then the stomach started to twist up.  I held on for another 5 minutes but I couldn't hold on and nature had its way.  I had to run around with soiled pants for the rest of the first half!!  The lads did take the mick for some time after that I can assure you!!
Q:  How has football changed over the years?
A:  Massively!  I quit because I lost the love for the game, it became too much of a business for me and the fact I was getting too slow!  I guess with all the money in the game now it had to change.  It's great for the guys who are already up there but it's the lower league player I still feel for, the guys who apply their skills and will never have the money to save and see them through the rest of their non playing days!  Im glad I got out when I did as it has given me that chance to carve out another career for myself.
Q:  Who was the best manager you ever played under?
A:  I would have to say Kevin Hodges and Steve McCall.  They gave me the chance after I was released from Colchester and they gave me belief in my ability and the freedom to express myself, and they were both great man managers.  Steve Coppell was also a fantastic guy and he is up there, so motivational because he had been there and done it and I learnt a lot from him not only about football but how to handle situations outside of football.
Q:  What was your pre-match routine?  E.g. lucky item, superstitions.
A:  I used to have a few.  I had to have a pre-match leg massage from Damo when I was at Torquay, every time he did I always played well or scored so that became a big thing, and I always like to cook for the guys on a Friday when I was at Brentford.  5 lads came over every Friday and I would cook pasta for them and talk about the game the next day.
Q:  Do you keep in touch with any of your former Argyle teammates?  If so, who?
A:  Yes Chopsy.  I still speak to Kevin Hodges and i'm in contact with Jamie Robinson and Kenny Veyzey, but as you move out of the pro game time just passes by so quickly and it's difficult to stay in touch with everyone.
Q:  Do you think P.A.F.C. will do well this season?
A:  Not a fair question really due to the position that they are in now!  I think that it is going to be difficult to catch up with the games they have left, but the Championship is a really tough league with so many great teams in it.  If you do go down this year sometimes its not a bad thing.  It's terrible for the players and everyone concerned with the club but stability is the key.  Plymouth is a massive club with great support and a great ground and facilities so i'm confident that you can get back into the Championship or hang in there this year.  I wish you all the best for the run in!!
Q:  If you could choose any player in the world you would have liked to have played with, who would it be?
A:  Gazza!!  I would have loved to been in his team when he was at his best.  He was the most skilful player I have watched with a great attitude to football.  He loved the game and made football enjoyable!!  You don't see players like him anymore.  I bet I would have learnt a few practical jokes off him as well.  Football still needs characters like him!!
Q:  Do you follow Argyle's progress or attend any of their matches?
A:  Well I work In Norwich so difficult to get down but I always look out for their results as with all of the other clubs I played for.
Q:  Do you now have a day job outside of football?
A:  Yes. I have already mentioned that I run a recruitment agency with my sister P&S Personnel Service (love free advertising)!!  Its going well but the recession has had a real impact to the business but we are ok and still growing.  We also have a Training Company called Anglia Skills Academy who up skill all construction personnel (sorry cant help myself).
Q:  What would be the highlight of your time at Argyle?
A:  Being voted in the “Team of the Year!” for division 3.  To be voted by your fellow professionals is a massive thing.  It was a tough time for me at Argyle with injuries etc but I did love my time there and I would like to thank all of the Argyle fans for their support in my time there.