Player Of The Month June 2012


Q:  What was your most memorable match?

A:  Cup Quarter Final replay away to Derby County.


Q:  Who was the best Argyle player you played with and why?

A:  Paul Mariner, great attitude, worked hard, and he fulfilled his potential.


Q:  Who was your toughest opponent and why?

A:  Ray Wilkins, First touch gave him so much time on the ball, didn’t get close to him all game, class player.


Q:  You must have an amusing story you could share with us about your time at Argyle?

A:  During Malcolm Alison’s time at the club and before agents were around you had to negotiate your own terms of contract, had two children and explained the reasons for me asking for an improved contract, Malcolm said nothing whilst smoking his king size cigar listening to what I had to say, then all he said was” life is too short to worry son”.


Q:  Now you are no longer playing football how do you occupy yourself?

A:  Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service Driving Instructor, retained fire fighter in my home town of Looe, try to keep fit by running with the dog and cycling, play on a regular basis for Argyle vets.


Q:  Can you recall your most embarrassing moment?

A:  Being carried back to my hotel room after the Derby County game, after drinking too much red wine with Kevin Hodges.


Q:  How has football changed over the years?

A:  Agents and premier league players have too much power, should be a cap on players wages, pitches are excellent these days.


Q:  Who was the best manager you ever played under and why?

A:   have to say two managers, Tony Waiters for giving me my chance in professional football, and Bobby Moncur for playing me in my best position.


Q:  What was your pre-match routine?  E.g. lucky item, superstitions?

A:  Always put shirt on last.


Q:  If you could change or amend one law of the game- or introduce a new one to benefit modern-day football, what would it be?

A:  Players to show more respect to referee’s, show a little more sportsmanship, and goal line technology to be introduced. 


Q:  Do you think Plymouth Argyle FC will do well this season?

A:  Great if they stay up.


Q:  If you could choose any player in the world you would have liked to have played with, who would it have been?

A:  Pele.


Q:  Do you follow Argyle’s progress or attend any of their matches?

A:  I do follow Argyles progress, always look to see results, would like to get to more games.


Q:  What is your opinion of the England Football Team.?

A:  Under achievers, would like to see an English manager.


Q:  What would be the highlight of your time at Argyle?

A:  It was a privilege to be paid for something that I loved doing.


Q:  Who was your favourite player while growing up?

A:  George Best, and privileged to play against him at Home Hark.


Q:  What was your favourite ground?

A:  Highbury.


Q:  If you could go back and do one thing differently, what would it be?

A:  Don’t look back.


Q:  What advice would you give to any young player coming into the game?

A:  Have a great attitude, work hard, work on technique, then it depends on how much you want it.


Q:  And finally a simple prediction. Name one team from the Championship, League One and League Two who you think will win promotion in 2011-12 and why?

A:  West Ham, Charlton, and Swindon, West Ham because they are a premiership side and have an experienced manager, Charlton are 13 points clear of second place Sheff Utd, and Swindon because they are 3 points clear with a game in hand.