Player Of The Month March 2010

Q: What was your most memorable match?
A: Argyle v Bristol City when we clinched promotion in the 85/86 season.
Q: Who was the best Argyle player you played with?
A: Russel l Coughlin.
Q: You must have an amusing story you could share with us about your time at Argyle?
A: There were many funny moments during my two years as we had a great team spirit but I've picked the time when on the way back from our last game at Darlington in the 85/86 season having stopped for a celebratory meal and drinks in the Midlands, the lads were in very boisterous mood as we made our way down the M5.  Smithy came down the bus to join in the fun and was ambushed by several players who stripped him of his best match-day shoes and threw them out of the sly-light of the bus to land somewhere on the M5 between Bridgwater and Taunton.  A very talented midfield player who may have had a Welsh accent also sank his teeth into the manager's nose when they had him pinned down.  If you look very closely at the video of the celebrations at the end of the season you may just pick out the wounds that the bite inflicted.  Dave may not have seen the funny side at the time but we all did!!
Q: Now you are no longer playing football how do you occupy yourself?
A: I still play football – every week in the Southend Borough Combination Vets League and I also play out in Hong Kong in the Hong Kong Soccer sevens.  I even got to represent England in a Seniors World cup in Thailand two years ago playing at left back and centre half!!

I play some golf – badly – run three times a week, enjoy skiing and foreign travel and on the job front I am MD of a promotions company and chairman of our golf holidays business Leisure Link.  We are running an event for Bob Wilson and his Willow Charity at Celtic Manor in July just before the course closes for the Ryder Cup.

Q: Can you recall your most embarrassing moment?
A: I've had many – but probably getting sent off for swearing (allegedly) at the linesman at Wolves live on TV.  My only red card in 753 games!!  They used my look of anguish when the ref produced the card as a TV ad for yellow pages for a year or two after that!!
Q: How has football changed over the years?
A: I sum this up by the answer I gave when someone asked me about the biggest changes down at the Charlton training ground when I went back after 8 or 9 years.  They had erected a great big catch net between the training pitches and the car-park to protect the cars.  When we played you really didn't need to worry about the damage done to your car, they weren't worth anything.  I hate to guess how much the value of those cars was in the car-park that day but I think that encapsulates the difference from our day to the current game.
Q: Who was the best manager you ever played under?
A: – Dave Smith – he gave me my chance and resurrected my career when he bought me to Plymouth.  I also really enjoyed my month loans spell with Notts County in 1990 when I first saw the methods of Neil Warnock.  He may not be everyone's cup of tea but the players there really liked him.
Q: What was your pre-match routine?  E.g. lucky item, superstitions.
A: I liked to go out second.  I also liked to carry a ball – wear short-sleeve shirts and as often as possible warm the goal-keeper up.
Q: Do you keep in touch with any of your former Argyle teammates?  If so, who?
A: Not so much as I should but I still speak to Kevin Hodges from time to time and must send him a birthday card this year cos the poor old codger is 50!!
Q: Do you think P.A.F.C. will do well this season?
A: Much as I am loathe to say it I think they are doomed for relegation unless someone or the group collective can find a goal-touch from somewhere.
Q: If you could choose any player in the world you would have liked to played with, who would it be?
A: Different era but my absolute hero as a kid was the late great Alan Ball when he played for my team Everton so he would be my choice.
Q: Do you follow Argyle's progress or attend any of their matches?
A: I follow all of my former teams and like to see them doing well.  Argyle is a particular favourite because of the special time we had down there.  I saw them against Charlton home and away last season but haven't seen them this year.
Q: Do you now have a day job outside of football?
A: Refer to answer in question 5.
Q: What would be the highlight of your time at Argyle?
A: Winning promotion was a brilliant achievement and a great feeling to be so totally involved but it has to be the moment when I realised that my shot was going to hit the back of the net rather than clear the stand (which was more likely) for our second goal against Bristol City.  The defender trying to catch me was one David Moyes – wonder what became of him!!