Player Of The Month November 2010








Q:  What was your most memorable match?

A:  My first team debut for Ipswich at Chelmsford in the FA Cup Third Round on 13th January 1973 very closely followed by my League debut at Liverpool on 24th February 1973.


Q:  Who was the best Argyle player you played with and why?

A:  Very difficult as only played about one and half seasons for Argyle, but in that time one has to be Mickey Horswill, he had such a good engine in him, run all day and Doug Collins excellent passer of the ball.


 Q:  Who was your toughest opponent and why?

 A:  They were all difficult, very hard to pick out one in particular.


Q:  You must have an amusing story you could share with us about your time at Argyle?

A:  Being shown the sights of Plymouth when I first came down with Terry Austin by “Pigs” (Mickey Horswill) and John Delve, The Pubs- they could drink!


Q: Now you are no longer playing football how do you occupy yourself.

A:  Have recently retired from the Suffolk Constabulary, but I have part time Administrative post back at Police HQ.  Playing golf to a handicap of 7 and watching Ipswich Witches Speedway, very little football haven’t seen Ipswich at all this season.


Q:  Can you recall your most embarrassing moment?

A:  Not telling you that one!


Q:  How has football changed over the years?

A:  The speed of the game, it’s so quick, also you can’t touch anyone these days as they all want to fall over!!


Q:  Who was the best manager you ever played under and why?

A:  In my career I played mainly under two Sir Bobby Robson and Tony Waiters although Mike Kelly was manager when I finished.  The answer has to be Sir Bobby, excellent man manager, his results show what a great manager he was.  I have to mention Tony Waiters harshly treated when he was sacked, had the quality which  was shown by  winning the Little World Cup with England Youth which I was part of in Italy in 1973.


Q:  What was your pre-match routine?  E.g. lucky item, superstitions.

A:  Didn’t really have any superstitions, I had only toast and tea for meal before match, but did put left sock on first so that might count as one.


Q:  Do you keep in touch with any of your former Argyle teammates?  If so, who?

A:  I have to admit I don’t, the last time I saw the majority of them was when there was the reunions in May 2002 and March 2004 and when I returned to Plymouth on 25th October 2008, when I was guest of the club when Argyle played Ipswich.  The last team mate I have seen and spoken to is Paul Barron when Newcastle played Ipswich at Portman Road in August 2009.


Q:  Do you think PAFC will do well this season?

A:  At present they have started so so, they have to win at home and pick up points on their travels, if they do this they should finish in the top six and earn a play off place.


Q:  If you could choose any player in the world you would have liked to have played with, who would it have been?

A:  There has to be one answer to this Bobby Moore.


Q:  Do you follow Argyle’s progress or attend any of their matches?

A:  I always look for the result on Saturdays or midweek along with Ipswich’s and Sunderland’s (I’m a traitor) looking for these two results.  The last match I saw was Argyle’s visit to Colchester where they drew 1-1 not an inspiring game but they got a point.


Q:  What is your opinion of the England Football Team.?

A:  Always flatter to deceive, will we win anything if there is a Foreigner in Charge!  There must be an Englishman out there somewhere who can do the job?


Q:  What would be the highlight of your time at Argyle?

A:  Very difficult to answer this one as only had a short time at Argyle so I’m struggling on this one.


Q:  Who was your favourite player while growing up?

A:  Another one to test the memory, you may find this strange but cricket was my first game so it was people like Fred Truman and Ted Dexter.  On the football side Jimmy Greaves and Bobby Charlton.


Q:  What was your favourite ground?

A:  I didn’t have a favourite ground; I thought it was great just to be playing at these stadiums like Anfield, Maine Road, Highbury etc.


Q:  If you could go back and do one thing differently, what would it be?

A:  Ask for more money when I signed for Argyle, if only playing nowadays!