Player of The Month Sept 2009


We launch this series with an interview with Argyle Legends President John Hore.

We asked John 15 questions. Below are his replies.

Q: What was your most memorable match?
A: Two games stand out. The friendly against Santos in front of 38,000 fans. At the end of the game Pele suggested we swop shirts. I still have the shirt. Also my testimonial match against Liverpool at Home Park in 1975. Liverpool had just won the League, Argyle had just been promoted and over 25,000 fans came to the game. I am so grateful to Tony Waiters (the then Argyle Manager) for getting Liverpool to come to Plymouth.
Q: Who was the best Argyle player you played with?
A: Ernie Machin. I learnt so much from him.
Q: Who was your toughest opponent?
A: Jimmy Melia when he played for Southampton. So crafty.
Q: You must have an amusing story you could share with us about your time at Argyle?
A: Our manager Billy Bingham used to smoke a pipe. After an away defeat everyone was feeling down and Billy lit up his pipe. Suddenly there was a terrible stench throughout the coach and Billy starting coughing and continued to cough all the way home. No-one had the nerve to complain about the smell, they didn't in those days. We later found out that Billy had a new pipe and should have broken it in gradually. He hadn't and was smoking varnish all the way home.
Q: Now you are no longer playing football how do you occupy yourself?
A: Still busy doing general building, gardening and decorating. I also play golf in the summer and enjoy Shot Gun Shooting in the winter.
Q: Can you recall your most embarrassing moment?
A: After away games in the North we always stopped at a place we called Chateau Wimpey, just South of Birmingham, for a meal. I used to finish my meal with a Tia Maria coffee which I waxed lyrical about to anyone that would listen. In this instance Bobby Saxton and Jim Furnell had swopped it for an ordinary coffee. They never let me forget I was raving about an ordinary white coffee.
Q: How has football changed over the years?
A: The pitches are much better. The grounds are much bigger. In the Premiership in particular the game is so much quicker. However I am not impressed with the standard of defending by the foreign defenders.
Q: Who was the best manager you ever played under?
A: Bobby Saxton at Exeter City.
Q: What was your pre-match routine? (E.g. lucky item, superstitions.)
A: I liked a lie in on Saturday mornings before home games. I was grumpy if I was disturbed. Before evening games I always slept in the afternoons. Lucky Omen was a Pre Match kiss x3 from wife Sue. Can't say where though.
Q: Do you keep in touch with any of your former Argyle teammates? If so, who?
A: I see a lot of my former teammates in my role of Match Day Host at Argyle but one of my closest friends is Davie Provan.
Q: Do you think PAFC will do well this season?
A: I think they will finish mid table at best.
Q: If you could choose any player in the world you would have liked to have played with, who would it have been?
A: Dave Mackay of Tottenham, he was my idol.
Q: Do you follow Argyle's progress or attend any of their matches?
A: I attend the majority of home games.
Q: Do you now have a day job outside of football?
A: I have my own Building, Decorating and Gardening business.
Q: What would be the highlight of your time at Argyle?
A: Three occasions come to mind: To have gone back as Manager and kept them in the old 3rd Division, the FA Cup Semi Final against Watford in 1984 and Winning promotion as a player in the 1974/75 season.